Retaining Walls and Stone Cladding

In case the soil in your landscaped garden is at the risk of eroding away, installing retaining walls could be a smart decision. Retaining walls serve a number of purposes in a garden and can be a great addition to your property. In fact, by strategically building retaining walls, you could significantly enhance the look of your garden. You need professional services from a team experienced in this field. At CMT Structural Landscaping, we happen to be an extremely reputed company offering retaining wall services.

We work closely with structural engineers on a regular basis to ensure out retaining walls are built to last the test of time. Through the droughts and floods of the Australian climate you’ll be confident that your walls will hold.


The Importance of Retaining Walls

The key purpose of retaining walls is to retain, i.e., hold soil in place. If you live in a hilly area with steep slopes, a retaining wall could be highly necessary. However, there are several other ways too in which retaining walls could benefit you.

  • If you are building an elevated soil structure in your garden, retaining walls play a crucial role in holding the soil in place.
  • Retaining walls can help you utilize space more efficiently. You could use the retaining walls to plant vegetation in the form of multiple tiers.
  • Installing retaining walls in your garden can help to prevent soil erosion in case of heavy rainfall.
  • You could use retaining walls to segregate one part of your garden from another if the two areas vary in terms of elevation.
  • Through strategical design, it is possible to create seating areas or surfaces to place potted plants.

Thus, walls can serve multiple purposes and are an extremely functional element in a garden. The utility value of retaining walls makes it worth investing in one.


Improve Your Landscape with Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are relatively large structures that easily draw attention. This essentially implies that they have a major impact on the aesthetic of your garden. Our team can make your landscaped garden much more beautiful by installing retaining walls.

  • Materials: We offer retaining walls made of various materials, which vary in color and texture. Thus, we can customize the wall based on what suits your garden the most. For instance, you could go for a polished look or a rugged one.
  • Integration with vegetation: By strategically integrating the retaining walls with vegetation, you could give it a stunning look. You can use retaining walls to build beautiful structures topped with lush greenery.
  • Dimensions: As retaining walls consist of brick-like units, you can technically build walls of any size. Our professionals can determine the right dimensions for retaining walls based on their application.


Professional Retaining Walls in the Sydney Area

DIY installation of retaining walls is no match for the professional services that we offer at CMT Structural Landscaping. Professional services come with several prominent perks, such as:

  • Proper drainage
  • Durability and longevity
  • Maximum utility
  • Better aesthetic appeal
  • Efficiency of space

There are many different materials on the market that you could use to construct your retaining walls. All of which come with different attributes in regard to price, strength, longevity, availability, time to build and how much space they take up on site. Different walls require different footings, engineering and specifications. We will help you choose the correct product for your needs.

  • Concrete sleepers
  • Besser blocks
  • Modular blocks
  • Treated pine
  • Sandstone
  • Bushrock
  • Gabions

If you wish to hire CMT Structural Landscaping, you may call us at 0404 915 530 or fill up this contact us form. Our team would help you make the right decisions by providing you with all the guidance you might need.