We believe the outdoor portion of your property is just as important as the inside. Having a beautiful outdoor space to go home to will provide enjoyment that makes you want to use your outdoor space more often rather than just look out the window at an overgrown lawn. There are so many reasons to invest in the yard space that you have.
For us there is nothing more satisfying that knowing our clients are spending more time outdoors in their newly created spaces custom tailored to their requirements.


About Us

Cmt structural landscaping is a comprehensive landscape construction company that manages your landscape project from start to finish. From the design process using innovative garden design to ensure your vision is planned to perfection, to the construction process with attention to detail that stands apart from the rest leaving you with a quality result. Every yard is different, and we take pride in creating a unique space for each customer.

We take care of everything, problem solving trouble spots like drainage issues or plants that need repositioning to sunken paving or collapsing retaining walls. We work closely with structural engineers to ensure our structural elements will last the test of time.

We believe a balance between natural soft elements and the correct choice of hardscape features combined can create a relaxed environment for your family and friends to enjoy that will help you escape in your own home. Our niche is natural native landscapes that make it seem as though your house was built into the landscape using native colours, tones, and shapes. With native plant selection and stone selection, it not only ensures a stronger establishment but is also composed of renewable resources that are better for the environment however not compromising on longevity or quality.